Ranking The Startup Ecosystems of 1,000 Cities and 100 Countries

StartupBlink has launched the Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report 2019 that now ranks 1,000 cities and 100 countries worldwide. This is our first report to track both momentum and trends within the global startup ecosystem.

StartupBlink Ecosystem Rankings 2019

Most of the data used while generating the rankings was either accumulated on StartupBlink over the past 5 years or was sent to us by our ecosystem partners in cities around the world.

The algorithm analyzes tens of thousands of data points and is powered by our global partners such as Crunchbase, and SimilarWeb. We also analyzed data gathered from more than 50,000 members throughout the Global StartupBlink community.

Specifically for Crunchbase, our partnership allowed us to locate hundreds of unicorns around the world and include them as a critical part of the algorithm. Unicorns are vital success stories that increase money flow to the local startup ecosystem. They also encourage the local population to join the startup revolution.

Our country and city rankings have a total score, which is the sum of 3 columns measuring the following:

StarupBlink: Ecosystem Ranking Criteria

Based on the total score, we have put the ranking results into the tables covering the crucial information on each country and city that was ranked.

New entrants to the top country rankings

The top 10 countries list as compared to the 2017 rankings has welcomed 3 new entrants: Australia, the Netherlands, and Spain, as seen in the table below.

StartupBlink Report: Top 10 Rankings

The top 11-30 list has been a real battlefield for some countries due to the changes in the algorithm. Some of the major changes include Denmark (falling 9 places down to the number 16th) and India (skyrocketing to the 17th spot, after passing by 20 rivals). Additionally, Singapore (leaving the top 10 and declining to 21), New Zealand (jumping 20 positions up to the 26th), and China (15 places down and ranked at 27 now).

Startup Blink: 10-30 Rankings

Top city ecosystems

As for the cities, the top 10 list remained relatively stable with only Boston, Tel Aviv, and Berlin shifting positions. Moscow also joined the top 10 club after moving 4 positions up the ranking.

Startup Blink: Top 1-10 City Rankings

Nonetheless, the top 11-20 cities list was slightly more dramatic. Bangalore (ranked 11) almost hit the top 10 and Tokyo moved 15 positions up to the number 14. New Delhi and Sydney also rose 5 and 6 positions up accordingly.  

StartupBlink: Top 11-20 City Rankings


For the full report and more information, visit: https://startupservices.startupblink.com/ecosystem-report/


Eli David, CEO StartupBlink

Ruta Slavinskaitė, Content Manager StartupBlink


  • Originally published May 21, 2019