Be your own Professor: Teach yourself Crunchbase Pro Statistics

Want to see statistical analysis but didn’t get a Masters in stats?

The Crunchbase Pro Statistics tool helps you quickly analyze your search, your custom list, or the entire Crunchbase dataset in a snap.

The tool is in the upper right hand corner of your search results.

Statistics apply to the whole search–not just the first page of results. This allows you to dive deep and get a comprehensive analysis of various sectors and industries.

Click the green button to open up the Min, Max, Average, and Median of any numerical column.

Here are some ideas…

See the average number of exits from investors who invest in European clean-tech companies
Use case: Complete your due diligence before jumping into investor meetings

Find out the median funding amount of a seed round SaaS companies in New York
Use case: Set a benchmark for when surveying and comparing these companies.

Measure the influence by comparing the min and max for Total Equity Funding Amount in Canadian fintech companies as opposed to Canadian virtual reality startups
Use case: Discover the most trendy and influential sectors

Find the total equity funding of e-Commerce companies that have raised more than $20M
Use Case: Research a thought leadership piece, blog post, or article

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  • Originally published March 7, 2017, updated April 26, 2023