A Neat Freak’s Dream: Organize your Searches and Lists with Custom Columns

Create your own Crunchbase Pro Searches and Lists with columns that are most relevant and interesting to you.

Tips and tricks of columns

Perhaps you are a partner at Clever Capital, and you are interested in sourcing potential new deals. As a true Crunchbase Pro, you build out a search for SaaS companies in San Francisco who have raised a seed round in the last year.

You plan to export and send this list to your associates, but want to ensure that the most relevant information is there.

To update the columns you click the ‘Columns’ button on the right-hand side above your search results:

Then select “Total equity funding amount” and “Last funding date” under Funding. You want your associates to quickly see how how recent their last funding round was as well as how much they raised.

You also select “founded date” to see how long the company has been operating.

You go ahead and click “Apply Changes” to ensure your updates are saved.

By updating your columns, your associates will now be able to easily sort which companies have most recently received funding as well as the companies who have raised the most.

It’s that easy. Save hours of research and pull the right data by customizing your columns.

Questions? Check out our Knowledge Center or reach out to us at prosupport@crunchbase.com.

  • Originally published March 7, 2017, updated April 26, 2023