Been noticing a lot of unusually large funding rounds lately?

You’re spot on.

The venture dollars are pouring in at an exceptionally rapid rate this week. From WeWork’s brand new $350 million, to SurveyMonkey’s $250 million cash influx announced yesterday, to Uber’s latest mega round reported this weekend, CrunchBase has captured over $1 billion in capital committed this week alone. And it’s only Tuesday.

The abundance of venture cash invested in the past few days may seem out of the ordinary, but these recent deals fit into a broader trend. As the number of rounds tracked remains relatively static, the amount invested is growing, according to CrunchBase data.

This applies to later stage funding especially. In 2014, the number of later stage funding rounds (Series C+) increased by less than 20% from 2013, but the total funding raised more than doubled.

From the half billion initial investment for mystery company Magic Leap in October, to the bidding wars over taxi apps like worldwide, we’ve seen some pretty astonishing deals closed this year.

How much longer can we keep up this pace?

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Image via Flickr user Tim Lindenbaum.

  • Originally published December 16, 2014, updated June 27, 2024