Crunchbase launches Marketplace: Bringing the market’s best data to profiles and Pro

Two years ago we launched Crunchbase Pro, the powerful search and discovery tool built on top of Crunchbase’s data. Crunchbase Pro’s advanced search capabilities let users filter investors, companies, and people to answer questions like how much has my prospect raised in the last year and which accelerator has the most exits?

Since Crunchbase Pro’s launch, we’ve been working behind the scenes to team up with dozens of data partners to help us answer the questions that you couldn’t resolve with just our data alone. And today we’re incredibly excited to announce that that new Crunchbase is here.

Say hello to Crunchbase Marketplace, where the best data from around the Internet comes into Crunchbase Pro and Crunchbase profiles, giving you more power than ever to find your next deal, investment, investor, and more.

With Pro and our new data partners, you can now supercharge your searches and answer questions like, which e-commerce companies just stopped using my competitor and which SF-based SaaS companies have more than 1 million monthly site visits and which biotechnology companies are increasing product usage by 10%?

And for anyone out there who doesn’t have Pro (we haven’t forgotten about you!), all of our Marketplace partner data will also show up on directly into Crunchbase profiles with a Marketplace partner subscription.

So, how does it all work? Let’s break it down.

The vision and building of Crunchbase Marketplace

Crunchbase Marketplace was created to make our data more complete, personal, and simple.

We partnered with specialized primary source data providers to expand the breadth and depth of the data in our platform. While Crunchbase maintains core company data, users can now augment our data with new sources à la carte.

1. Complete. We are delivering a growing and diverse set of data partners so our users can see how much a company raised, site traffic, mobile app installs, patent filings, and what products they use — all in one place.

2. Personal. Data is personal. The types of company information users need varies from one individual to the next, so we give users the keys to the specific data they need. In Marketplace, users can now pick and choose specific vendor data.

Users can now add new data fields like tech stack, global traffic rank, product change percentage, and more directly to Crunchbase profile pages, as well as their Crunchbase searches. By customizing the Crunchbase experience, users can pick and choose what they care about to maximize their time spent prospecting and researching.

3. Accessible and simple. In just a few clicks, users can easily understand and target based on the information they care about most. Research shows that currently less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used. The data may be out there, but it becomes hard for anyone other than analysts to decipher. We wanted our platform to be simple and accessible to everyone.

Introducing our Data Partners

At the launch of Crunchbase Marketplace we plan to add over 60 data fields to Crunchbase with the partners listed below:

SimilarWeb provides data around website traffic rates, referral rates, global rankings, and more, to help us offer a comprehensive view of a company’s digital presence.
Recommended for 
sales and investors.

BuiltWith records the tools and services companies use on their websites. Find out if a company is using or has used a certain product, widget, and more.
Recommended for 
sales, product managers, and business development.

Apptopia tracks mobile iOS and Android application usage and revenue data. Get access to accurate and transparent to macro app trends and micro-app details.
Recommended for 
sales and investors.

G2 Stack
G2 Stack provides an insider’s look at what products and services companies are using internally in order to understand software adoption trends.
Recommended for 
sales, product managers, business development.

IPQwery delivers an overview of technologies and patents a company possesses, its brands, and how it scores for being innovative.
Recommended for 
investors, financial analysis, M&A professionals, and strategic partners.

In the upcoming weeks and months, you’ll be able to find featured apps from companies like Owler, Financial Content, TradingView, Enigma, Wayback Machine, SEMrush, Aberdeen, and Wikipedia.

Your single destination

We work every day to become your “single destination” for company data.

But ultimately, Crunchbase isn’t for just the data nerds (though we love you too).

Crunchbase is for the sales rep who is going to crush her numbers, the fierce founder who is tracking down the perfect investor who “just gets it,” and the enthusiastic CEO who needs to keep a pulse on their competitor in real time.

We’ve built Crunchbase Marketplace with you in mind. We plan to be a crucial part in fueling passionate innovators, successful salespeople, and budding entrepreneurs, hunting for their next dollar or opportunity.

And with that, hunt on! 👊

The Crunchbase Team

  • Originally published February 21, 2018, updated April 26, 2023