Home Automation Startups Shine In Hardware Battlefield

Yesterday TechCrunch announced the 14 contestants participating in this year’s Hardware Battlefield at CES.

The startups pitching range from mobile gaming platform LyteShot to silent baby monitor NapTime, but home automation startups comprise the largest chunk of the group.

Peeple, for instance, is debuting a smart camera that attaches to existing peepholes and easily connects to home Wi-Fi to act as a caller ID for your front door.

Switchmate‘s smart lighting gadget snaps on to existing light switches to make them smart-phone enabled in seconds.

Sereneti Kitchen‘s robotic home kitchen device will even automate the cooking process for when you want freshly-cooked food but don’t have time to do it yourself.

And if that’s not futuristic enough for you, take a look at Robotbase. The New York-based startup is building the world’s first personal robot that can see, move, hear, understand, speak, and think.


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Poll image via Flickr user Chris Isherwood.

  • Originally published January 7, 2015, updated April 26, 2023