Editor’s note: Guest author Bruno Aziza is Vice President of Marketing at SiSense and the author of two books on data and analytics.   Prior to SiSense, Bruno worked at BusinessObjects/SAP, Apple, Microsoft and other data start-ups.  You can connect with him directly at bruno.aziza@sisense.com. This is the first post in our Developer Spotlight Program.

Everyone in the Tech Industry knows CrunchBase, the crowd-sourced database of companies and people.  So when our team of data geeks found out that CrunchBase had opened its API to the world, we thought it was a great opportunity to use our Big Data Analytics software to crunch CrunchBase data. We imported all of CrunchBase data into SiSense Prism, combined the 50+ tables and the 100’s of thousands of rows the API let us read and built a set of snappy dashboards we thought entrepreneurs, investors and technology observers would enjoy.  The results – which we dubbed “CrunchAnalytics” – is a solution that’s available for free @ www.crunchbase.sisense.com.

Today, we’re honored to be the first member of Crunchbase’s Developer program and we’re excited to hear what types of insights you’ll come up with using the solution we’ve built.  Using SiSense “CrunchAnalytics”, you’ll find lots to play with, such as:

  • An Investment Dashboard:  This tool allows you to select companies by category (enterprise vs. web for example) and by round types (angel, a, b…etc). You can use the filters to drill into areas you’re more interested in.  For instance, did you know that the average “A round” investment in software companies since 2004 had been about $5.7M?
  • Visualizations and Maps: click on the “Location” button of the Investment Dashboard and you’ll see what company is located where.  We’ve layered the data on top of Google Maps so you can play with filters and narrow down your analysis to specific parts of the world.


Using CrunchAnalytics, you can find out all sorts of things.  For instance, cruise through our heat map to find out what the most popular startup names have been since CrunchBase’s beginning.  You can also use our dashboard to performance ad-hoc analysis and understand the history of investments in specific business areas like Cloud or Big Data for example.


Just like CrunchBase, many organizations see their data grow at a unpredictable pace and need powerful analytic tools operating at the speed of thought.  Our big data analytics software, SiSense Prism has been used by customers in 48 countries – from titans like Target and Merck to innovative startups like Wix and Plastic Jungle to Silicon Valley icons like Fusion-IO and Yahoo!  We believe that these companies represent the leading edge of the Big Data Analytics revolution. Our software is designed to help them work with terabytes of data without having to invest in large teams of data scientists or buy expensive hardware.  It works because SiSense Prism includes, in one package, everything they need to work with Big Data – from a high-performance columnar and in-memory database to automatic ETL and interactive web visualizations.  We are one of the few Big Data companies to offer this type of software as a SaaS – which has driven great satisfaction with customers.

If you liked the “CrunchAnalytics”dashboards, test-drive SiSense Prism for free by downloading the fully-functional trial version.

  • Originally published February 14, 2013, updated April 26, 2023