CrunchBase’s Venture Program Members Are Making Startup Data Better Than Ever

When we kicked off the CrunchBase Venture Program in May 2013, we never expected that we would end 2014 with more than 1200 members. Those venture capital firms, accelerators, and angel groups joined because they wanted to make CrunchBase an even better source of data on the startup world.

They have not been disappointed. In 2014, Venture Program members have added 9,420 fundings that touched 7,780 companies. Each month members provide hundreds of updates, both new deals and old ones going back a decade or more.

Many of these fundings were never picked up by news sources, and even those that made it into the press lacked the detail CrunchBase provides. Without the Venture Program, many fundings in the startup world would never have reached the public eye, let alone taken their place in the data map of the startup world.

CrunchBase, as most people know, adds data from a variety of sources to supplement the contributions of tens of thousands of individual users.

We are especially proud of the venture program’s members because they have done so much to add depth and accuracy to CrunchBase’s data.

That said, we’re far from done. Dozens of new firms join the CrunchBase Venture Program each month, and if your organization is not already on board, please consider joining.

The program is free of charge and members receive help from CrunchBase staff to get their data on board. Members also receive a monthly spreadsheet from CrunchBase showing all the data associated with their organization. (If you are already in the program, your data sheet will be on the way soon.)

We wish you all the best for a Happy 2015.

  • Originally published January 14, 2015, updated April 26, 2023