Editors note:  This is a repost of an article we did for TechCrunch article.

We knew CrunchBase was big. We knew because there are 2 million people using the startup database each month. We knew because more than 120k people have contributed 1.6MM data points on companies, entrepreneurs, fundings, exits and more. What we didn’t know, however, was what the investment community thinks about CrunchBase. To answer that question, we spent many weeks visiting venture and angel firms and talking about data and CrunchBase. We learned that most are investing a lot in data and analytics in order to find good companies, ideas, and people. Everyone agreed that CrunchBase is an important source of that information, but we also heard something else: CrunchBase needs to evolve fast to keep pace with these new demands. In particular, Crunchbase needs to be more timely, accurate, and detailed.

That’s a big challenge, and today at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, we are annoucing one key initiative to get us there: the CrunchBase Venture Program. We designed the venture program to appeal to venture firms that want to improve CrunchBase’s data set, and we’ve found just about universal willngness to participate. Under the program, members agree to work with the CrunchBase team to get public information on their portfolio companies — including funding updates, staffing changes, product launches, and acquisitions — into CrunchBase in an accurate and timely way. What our partners get in return is better access to the CrunchBase team and API. But more importantly, what our partners and everyone in the startup world will see is steadily improving data in CrunchBase. That’s a big deal to investors researching new companies and founders, entrepreneurs looking for investors and talent, business development folks looking for partners, and virtually anyone trying to understand the constant change in the technology world.

Today we are also announcing 11 firms that helped shape the CrunchBase Venture Program and are our launch partners. There will be many more to come, but today we are very pleased to announce these partners who will work with us to make CrunchBase’s data nothing less than awesome.

The venture program is one of many major initiatives we have underway to improve CrunchBase. It’s a big responsibility. To learn more and join the program, visit the CrunchBase website.

  • Originally published April 30, 2013, updated April 26, 2023