The August CrunchBase Monthly is now out! During the August ‘summer break’, 2.4k investment rounds were added to the database, totalling $3.7 billion. The CrunchBase community also added 19.5k new profiles.  With a month left in Q3 2014, angel and seed rounds are only half of what they were in Q3 2013.

Highlights of the August 2014 Export include:

    • Acquisition of (formerly by Amazon for $970 million cash
    • The lead investor was 500 startups investing in 29 startups; Sequoia Capital came in second with 13 rounds
    • The SF Bay Area received $16.9 million in 149 rounds out of 551 rounds in the US this month
    • There were 922 seed rounds, the 3rd highest month of the year trailing May with 1,426 seed rounds, and March at 1,383

The CrunchBase dataset continues to grow at a record pace thanks to our community of contributors and members of the CrunchBase Venture Program. We’re publishing this monthly export today which includes all venture funded companies.

You can download the export here and if you find any errors or omissions, please let us know!

  • Originally published September 9, 2014, updated April 26, 2023