As part of the recent LinkedIn Pages’ relaunch, we’ve worked closely with LinkedIn to integrate relevant funding insights and key investor information directly within a company’s LinkedIn Page. Now, LinkedIn members will be able to see Crunchbase insights directly on the LinkedIn Page for any company that has an active Crunchbase profile, providing members with quick access to a more complete company profile in one location.

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Now find a brief Crunchbase snapshot directly on LinkedIn pages. Quickly scan the page to see a company’s stage, their last funding amount, and which lead investors participated in the last round. Now LinkedIn users can research and prospect more efficiently than ever before.

Find The Perfect Job

Job seekers have even more information to understand the health and stage of a company they’re researching. Optimize your job search by qualifying if a company is the right stage for you. Perhaps you’re looking for an early-stage company where you’ll help build out its presence. Or instead, you’re hunting for a more secure opportunity at a late stage company with more money in the bank.

Crunchbase funding and investor details on company profiles give you the context you need when you’re researching a new job.

Crunchbase Funding and Investor Data now on LinkedIn Pages

Quickly Qualify a Lead

Most salespeople are already relying on LinkedIn for their daily activities, looking up prospects before jumping on a call or emailing them.

A company raising funding is one of the most effective trigger events in sales. Raising a new round indicates a company has more money and an increased budget. Use Crunchbase data to qualify if a company is ready to buy your product. Identify key buy signals by looking at the last time a company raised funding.

Recruit More Strategically

It’s no surprise that hiring good people is the biggest concern for startup founders and identifying the type of company you’d like to source from is half the work.

Recruiters and founders alike can now use Crunchbase data to fuel their recruiting strategy. They can now identify candidates from a specific company-stage that either matches or complements their skill-need.

11 years ago Crunchbase was founded on the idea that company data should be accessible to everyone. We’re thrilled to expand our mission and are excited that LinkedIn has chosen us to be their select data provider. We’re constantly working to build Crunchbase data into your daily workflow, on all your favorite platforms

You can read more about the integration on LinkedIn’s blog and learn how you can add Crunchbase data into your own platform on our website.

  • Originally published November 14, 2018, updated March 8, 2024