New Competitive Data and Revenue Estimates on Crunchbase

Update: As of January 31st, 2020 Owler data will no longer be available on Crunchbase. Revenue data is currently available to Pro customers. Competitor data will be coming soon! [Updated 1/22/2020]

What happens when you layer Owler’s competitive insights on top of Crunchbase? You get ahead.

Crunchbase’s new Marketplace partner, Owler, brings competitive data and private company revenue estimates to Crunchbase profile pages and search experience. From sales professionals searching for prospects to entrepreneurs understanding their competitive landscape, you can now run competitive research more efficiently than ever.

Filter for Targeted Leads with our Competitive Analysis Tools

Now there’s no need to sift through company pages to find new prospects. Access a whole new pool of leads with Owler’s search filters and quickly discover new leads with Crunchbase’s advanced search tool.

Competitive Analysis Tools: Crunchbase Pro Search

Competitive Analysis Tools: Add unlimited filters with Crunchbase Pro to discover targeted leads.

Use filters to find the competitors of existing customers and prospects or create a search based on revenue (or do both!). Then narrow down your company search with additional filters such as your territory, employee count and more. Registered Crunchbase users can add up to two filters to their search completely free.

Coinbase Competitors Outside the US with Recent Funding
Recently Acquired E-Commerce Companies with More Than $10M in Revenue

Add More Pipeline

Close those tabs, there’s no need to toggle between multiple sites. Now quickly view a company’s competitors, employee count, revenue and more directly on a Crunchbase profile page.

Find competitive analysis directly on Crunchbase profiles.

Track Key Buy Signals

Stay up-to-date with the latest news by creating alerts around competitors, CEO approval ratings, employee count, and more with Crunchbase Pro.

Set up alerts when a new competitor enters a niche space or meets certain revenue parameters you’ve set and let us do the research for you.

Who is Owler?

Owler is a community-based competitive insights platform that provides up-to-date business information, helping business professionals from around the world outsmart their competition and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

Try It Out!

Check out these search templates to get you going:

Build Sales Prospecting List Based on Custom Criteria
Find Competitors of Companies That Recently Raised Funding
Build a List of Acquired Companies With Specific Revenue

  • Originally published October 23, 2018, updated April 26, 2023