Wealthfront has published their list of career-launching companies. To qualify, a company must be privately held, and have a revenue run rate by year end of between $20 million and $300 million. These companies must also be on a trajectory to grow at a rate in excess of 50% for at least the next three or four years, and have compelling unit economics.

We’ve dissected the top companies and dug into the numbers. In this article, we look at these career launching companies’ overlapping investors and how much these companies have raised. Lastly, we take a look at where these companies are generally located. 

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Why this list of career launching companies is important

According to Andy Rachleff, co-founder and CEO of Wealthfront:

“Setting yourself up for a successful career is one of the most important things you can do to achieve financial success. Publishing this list of ideal places to start your career is one of the many unique things Wealthfront does as a financial advisor to radically improve our clients’ financial outcomes.”

Crunchbase is releasing the compiled list of 157 companies to assist those looking for great places to work. Job seekers can view where the companies are based and who their founders are. Additionally they can see how much funding they have raised, the industry they operate in, along with their top five investors.

Many familiar and not so familiar companies are on this list including recently funded Looker which provided business intelligence, Amplitude for product analytics, Pindrop voice security, and Carta for company equity management.

In 2018 alone, these 157 companies have raised over $6 billion. Collectively they have raised over $30 billion. 73 companies in this list have acquired over 178 startups.

For these fast growing companies, Accel tops the list as the most active investor with 34 portfolio companies. Sequoia Capital follows with 27, and Andreessen Horowitz, and GV each with 22 portfolio companies.

Location of career launching companies.

While the majority are in California, innovative companies are launched across the US and Canada. These hubs include California (102), New York (24), Massachusetts (7) Washington State (5), and Utah (5). Additionally, other states included in this list are Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oregon, North Carolina, Missouri, and British Columbia.

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  • Originally published December 14, 2018