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6 Reasons You Need A Free Crunchbase Account

April 10, 2018

Perhaps you have previously perused Crunchbase to find exactly who invested in Uber. Or maybe you’re looking to see exactly how much Airbnb has raised. Go deeper than one-off searches with a free Crunchbase account.

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Six ways to take advantage of your free Crunchbase account

Here are the six best things you can do with a free Crunchbase account:

1. Follow companies you care about by setting up custom alerts

We know there are a lot of companies on Crunchbase to keep track of, and sometimes your post-it note or Google spreadsheet gets too tedious to update. That’s why we created the all mighty My Follows list.

Add any companies of interest to your My Follows list to keep tabs on their activity. Set email alerts to learn when these companies raise money, get acquired, or go public. To do this, just click Add to List on the right-hand side of any profile, as shown to the right.

How can you use My Follows in your everyday workflow? We’ve seen salespeople follow prospects, entrepreneurs follow potential investors, and venture capitalists follow young startups they want to watch.

With a free Crunchbase account you can add companies to your "My Follows" list


2. Find a unique list of companies with up to two advanced filters

Registered users can use up to two filters in order to sift through the sea of Crunchbase companies, and find what they’re looking for.

Easily filter through thousands of companies to find potential leads, new investments, or targeted partners. Quickly find Oregon-based SaaS companies or eCommerce companies with more than $15 million in funding.

To start your search, click the appropriate search type on the left-hand navigation, and then start adding search filters. For example, If I was interested in discovering new prospects, I’d click Companies then add filters to find a list of relevant leads.

Add up to two filters with a free Crunchbase account


3. Access more data

Registered users also have access to our premium data, including web traffic information and mobile app analytics directly in Crunchbase profiles and search.

Use web traffic data to analyze competitors’ digital strategy or benchmark against companies similar to yours. Access month-over-month web traffic growth, bounce rate, and more.

Web traffic and engagement data is also a great way to see which countries a company is growing in and how fast. For example, did you know 7% of Slack’s monthly website visits are from Japan?

Don’t forget about mobile app performance. Access mobile app data like iOS and Android application downloads, app store rating growth, and app revenue data.

Find highly qualified leads by searching for companies with top-ranked apps in the app store, or invest in companies with the highest monthly app growth rate in a specific industry.

Access more data with a free Crunchbase account

4. Customize what you see

One of our favorite features has to be customization. Tailor your Crunchbase profiles to see what is important to you, and choose what you want to see first.

Rearrange data on profile page so that next time you visit a company page, you see the data that interests you first. Bring funding information to the top, and put acquisition data last, or keep everything as is but hide the Twitter card. It’s all up to you.

Customize your Crunchbase profile layout by clicking the downward arrow at the top of any data card. From there, click Customize Layout. It’s that easy!

Customize the profile page layout with a free Crunchbase account

5. Make yourself known on Crunchbase

Join our 500,000+ contributors on Crunchbase and directly edit your organization or individual profile page. Make sure your profile is up-to-date for our millions of visitors to see, and for your own SEO and publicity.

Edit any profile by clicking EDIT in the upper right-hand corner.


6. Stay in the know with the Crunchbase Daily

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Every day our editorial team highlights the most important funding rounds and tech news in our Crunchbase Daily newsletter. Register for a free Crunchbase account and you’ll automatically be subscribed.


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