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With VC drying, seed funding grows more selective
Nov 08, 2016 by Joanna Glasner

Jon Swartz of USA Today reviews Q3 2016 venture funding trends, citing strong investor interest in selective markets based on Crunchbase data. Seed funding in 2016 is up for the following five sectors: augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, automotive, food and beverage, and agriculture. All isn’t gloom and doom in tech. In key categories, fewer start-ups are…

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The TechCrunch Disrupt Lists!
Sep 15, 2016 by Gené Teare

by Edith Ho, Julie Kim & Gené Teare It’s a wrap! The winner of the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2016 is Mobalytics, a personal analytics performance tool for gamers. The runner up is UnifyID, an identity authentication platform. Crunchbase has compiled all the TechCrunch Disrupt lists to provide opportunities to follow up and keep…

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Crunchbase Pro launches at TechCrunch Disrupt!
Sep 12, 2016 by Jager McConnell

One year ago today, we announced on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt that Crunchbase was spinning out to become a standalone company. What many people don’t know is only 10 minutes before, we had a secret all hands meeting in some collapsing part of Pier 70. The topic was only briefly that the spinout was official…

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Massive survey to compare startup ecosystems worldwide
Sep 08, 2016 by Joanna Glasner

Some metropolitan areas are powerhouses when it comes to attracting and cultivating successful startups. Others lag due to factors such as capital shortages, talent scarcity and lackluster support systems for entrepreneurs. In an effort to identify strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurial hubs, Startup Genome and Crunchbase are partnering on a large-scale project to evaluate and…

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CrunchBase sees rise in average seed round in 2016
Sep 07, 2016 by Joanna Glasner

By Joanna Glasner and Gené Teare The typical investment in a U.S. seed-stage company rose in the first half of 2016, with many startups and their backers looking to shore up a longer runway before seeking Series A funding, according to CrunchBase data. Overall, the average seed round size in the first half of this…

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Meet the Team: Amanda Glosson
Jun 21, 2016 by Jessica Brody

Have you ever wondered who brings all the data and updates to you at CrunchBase? In our new “Meet the Team” blog series, we’re highlighting members of our amazing staff each month. In our inaugural post, you’ll meet Amanda Glosson, a CrunchBase front end engineer, artist and Georgia native with a theory about how adding…

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Udacity Course: How to Get Your Startup Started featuring Matt Kaufman
May 16, 2016 by Alex Mack

Udacity, a leader in online higher education, is offering a free course called “Get Your Startup Started” to teach critical skills for building a foundation for a business. CrunchBase’s very own Head of Operations, Matt Kaufman is featured in the course and you can preview his advice to entrepreneurs now on the Udacity Blog. Check it out…

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Introducing new ways to access CrunchBase Data
Feb 10, 2016 by Azadeh Fakouri

You asked, we listened. Today, we’re excited to introduce new and easy solutions to access CrunchBase data for your business. In the past year, 8,000+ users have signed-up to explore the data through the Daily Excel Export or REST API. Integrate CrunchBase into your workflow, perform analysis, and build applications with the raw data. Thousands of companies are already using…

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Kauffman Foundation & CrunchBase Team Up at AEA 2016
Jan 13, 2016 by Gené Teare

Last week at the American Economic Association (AEA) annual meeting in San Francisco, we co-hosted a session with our partners at the Kauffman Foundation. Attendees included academics, research, and business professionals from various institutions. We shared a presentation focusing on CrunchBase data sources, and several examples of our research initiatives. CrunchBase data is unique, due to our engaged community…

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