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Drill-ins can be used for discovering connections quickly by allowing Crunchbase Pro users to drill into the very reasons why a company is listed in a search.

You can use drill-ins to expand on a search such as:

  • Companies with more than three lead investors, but want to see exactly which were the three investors.
  • Investors who invest in mobile, and want to see a particular investor’s mobile portfolio companies.
  • Female founders who have started a company that has raised more than $30M, and want to see which company they founded.

Instead of building another query to get information or going to a profile page, you can now save time and further drill-in to get the information you want in just a few clicks.

Find the magnifying glass icon screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-10-58-40-am to the right of the search result.

The Drill-in menu will open. Click the drill in you’d like to explore, illustrated below.