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How to add or update investments

If you are an investor: Go to your portfolio company’s profile.
If you are a company: Go to your company profile (don’t a profile yet? Add your company here).


If you would like to create a funding round:

  1. Go to the portfolio Company Profile (you cannot add investments from the investor profile) and navigate to the Funding Rounds card.
  2. Click the Contribute button to the left or the Update button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter required details, and click Submit.

Note: You can also use the Contribute button to update the Funding Round.

  1. Simply select Contribute and then, Funding Round.
  2. Click Next and enter changes.
  3. Once finished, click Submit.


If you would like to update a funding round:

  1. Click the hyperlinked round representing the round, which will take you to the Funding Round page.
  2. From the Funding Round page, click the Update button of whichever section you’d like to change.


*Note: Only Crunchbase staff can update partner and lead investor data as well as remove funding rounds or investors. Want something updated? Email us at