Build a Crunchbase Pro search

Use Crunchbase search filters to discover the companies, people, and events that matter most to you.

1. Choose your type of search

  • Go to the left navigation panel and choose the type of search you’re looking for.
  • Create a Companies, People, Investors, Funding, Acquisitions, Schools or Events search.

2. Add search filters

  • Refine your search by adding specific filters.
  • For example, if we’re looking for VR and AR companies with recent funding, you would begin your search with: Companies -> Categories -> Includes Any -> Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.
  • Then add a funding filter: Last Funding Date -> after -> one year ago.

3. Get granular

  • Use several filters to find what you’re looking for.
  • For example, if we want to focus on the Top” VR and AR companies with recent funding, then we want to add a Rank & Score filter to see companies within the top 1,000 of Crunchbase: Rank & Score -> Crunchbase Rank -> less than -> 1,000.
  • View up to 1,000 results. Too many? You can always go back and add more filters.

Pro Tip: Want different data with your search results? Add and remove columns to see the data that interests you.

Get started.

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